For the ultimate purchaser of Kaabo products

Dear customer, if you buy our products from our distributor, we thank and congratulate you, because you have chosen high-quality products and high-standard service sellers.

  • The specific product after-sales service is subject to the policy of the distributor you purchased.
  • If you have other suggestions on after-sales or dissatisfaction with the service of the distributor, please feel free to contact us. We will urge our partners to provide you the best after-sales service.
  • If you have any feedback, please email us or directly message us.

For Kaabo distributor

Product training and after-sales service

  • After signing the distributor agreement, Kaabo will provide marketing materials such as product videos and pictures in order to assist the distributor to understand the product as soon as possible.
  • After the distributor places the order, Kaabo will give away some accessories. The more sales you make, more accessories you can have.
  • The accessories of the product can be replaced within a certain time.
  • Kaabo's after-sales team and engineers are always available to assist distributor in repair and after-sales services.

Once Kaabo signs Distributor Agreement with distributor, we will treat you as part of our own team and we will do our best to provide product trainings and after-sales services.

Support on Marketing & Sales

Factories in China, specially the vehicle manufacturer ones, are not capable to provide distributors with support on Marketing & Sales. However, Kaabo is capable of providing support to distributor on Marketing & Sales including:

  • In terms of marketing strategy: we will make the marketing strategy for the distributor according to market characteristics and team strength.
  • “In terms of marketing materials production:The marketing department at Kaabo headquarter will provide marketing tools such as product pictures, poster designs, videos and websites. Kaabo is going to help the distributor save the investment in advertising.
  • In terms of promotion and traffic: The social media accounts of Kaabo, such as Facebook and Youtube, will promote for distributor so that Kaabo headquarter will help distributor get traffic.
  • Digital marketing: In terms of Digital Marketing, Kaabo’s marketing team is going to assist the distributor to produce various promotion strategies.

In short, Kaabo marketing’s team will assist the distributor with their operation. In the traditional relationship between factories and distributors, the two parties usually can be recognized as “supply and payment”, but with Kaabo, the relationship is based on a new type of partnership, which has been on the agreement in order to truly confirm the close cooperation between the factory and the distributor.

Kaabo Global Service Center

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Marketing Manager: