Kaabo Rider Prepares For Cross Country Ride

来自: 2021-03-23 11:12:56

One of Kaabo's community members, Alex, is preparing to set out on a cross-country electric scooter ride in the United States. He first contacted us with his ideas for this amazing mission.

By partnering with Kaabo, he has started to plan his cross-country PEV ride to display the benefit of using electric vehicles.

Many people choose to buy large vehicles for local commuting and riding, but often times, there is no need for such large vehicles.

Alex and Kaabo share a similar mission to share the benefits of using electric transportation options to further improve the the impact of transportation on the environment.

Recently, he was featured in the local news!

We value Alex's view towards the benefits and advancements of personal electric vehicles. He is using his platform to share with the world how electric scooters can make a difference on the environment.

Read more about Alex's upcoming ride in the article here:


Alex and many other riders around the world are actively improving personal transportation by riding Kaabo e-scooters.

We are proud of our dedicated community and the great things they do for themselves and the ones around them.

Keep Going Beyond!



Kaabo Rider Prepares For Cross Country Ride

A dedicated Kaabo fan is preparing to make a statement on the benefits of PEVs on the environment.

2021-03-23 11:19:21