Why should you become Kaabo distributor?

From:kaabo 2020-05-09 02:13:13

Whether you are a senior practitioner of electric scooters or currently just in the interest stage, choosing Kaabo will be your best choice in 2020. The following reasons are for your reference:

1.Electric scooters have broad prospects:

Modern electric scooters originated in China and then became popular in the United States and some European countries. These countries have proven that electric scooters are a huge market, and the market continues to increase. In your country, electric scooters may  be a novel thing. At this time, choosing to sell electric scooters should be a good business choice.

2.Electric scooter is more suitable for commuting in case of Coronavirus outbreak:

The global outbreak of Coronavirus in 2020 has prevented people in many countries from taking public transportation such as subways and buses. Compared with the high cost of cars and congested roads, electric scooter is the best choice for transportation for short-distance travel. Electric scooters are more popular with young people than electric bicycles because of their  portability and flexibility.

3.Kaabo's products are comprehensive with rich experience:

Kaabo is an earlier brand among electric scooter manufacturers in China. Our products are very comprehensive, including the city walk model Skywalker and the outdoor off-road model Mantis. In addition, our products have been verified by many markets and have more than 40 patented technologies. Kaabo is one of the few electric scooter manufacturers with the "artisan" spirit. 7 years of ingenuity and market verification in dozens of countries are worth your investment and cooperation with us.

4.Kaabo provides support on marketing & sales, only one of Chinese electric scooter manufacturers:

Other manufacturers just provide distributor with after-sales service of products. However, Kaabo provides distributor with service in the field of Marketing & Sales in addition to supply of products. On the basis of marketing strategies, we also provide posters design, product pictures and videos. In addition, we provide online promotion support on Facebook, etc. Our marketing team can not only help you save a lot of marketing costs in your country, but also greatly improve your competitiveness in the country compared with other electric scooter market. In today's digital marketing, China's team marketing strength is far ahead of the teams in other countries around the world. As long as you become our distributor, we will help you succeed.

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